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[05 Feb 2006|01:41pm]


Donnie Darko [16 Feb 2005|10:27am]

[ mood | bored ]

Does anyone have an Donnie Darko icons or know where to get any??
Many THanks!

2 CadaversDie

[23 Oct 2004|11:12am]

comment and credit if taken

3 CadaversDie

Bye. [31 Aug 2004|10:40pm]

I've decided that I am no longer making public icons.
There are far too many who are running around using my icons, withought a single word or sentence stating that the icons used are mine. Some of you even have the nerve as to use over 3 of my icons withought even crediting once.
I'm closing this community, and I'm making it members only. From now on I'll be making a sample icon used for me, and if you'd like to use it I'll personalize it.
If you wish to join again, please do so, but keep in mind that I'm only adding those that I know will credit.
- Raven

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