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Fuck your mainstream icons

Dark Rock Icons
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This community is strictly for alternative icon posting. No one cares about your shitty NFG or slipknot icons, so don't post them here.

Posting Your Icons:

1) Entries containing more than 2 icons must be put behind an lj-cut.

2) Do not steal anyone else's icons and whore them around as your own. If you decide to be a cunt and ignore this rule, you'll be banned.

3) If you're not sure the icon belongs in here, don't post it. There are plently of other communities that would be glad to have it.

Requesting Icons

1) Do not make more than two requests a week. Not everyone can sit at a computer all day making icons for people they don't even know, so try and be considerate of their time.

2) Put all requests behind a cut. If you have the LJ skills of a donkey, and don't know how to make a cut- copy and paste the following before the main contents of your entry:

[lj-cut text="whatever you want to say here"]

Just replace the [ ]'s with < >'s

3)Don't request something you know we wont make. Ex: yellowcard, ICP, green day, x-tina, etc.


This is a closed community, so all requests to join are sent to me. You will only be allowed in after I have checked to make sure you give credit for your icons.